Monday, February 14, 2011


So, it has been almost a month since my last post.  I have been wanting to speak up about what I have been up to, just havnt found the words and had slipped between happiness and little bouts of depression/confusion.  I guess they are all to similar!
Well, I am happy to say that a couple hours after my last post, I JUST DID IT.  I started my own photography business, Grateful Memories Photography.  I, coincidentely, met a woman online that had just started her photography business, and she kinda nudged me into starting a FaceBook page to get some interest in my work.  Since that day, I have done 3 photoshoots to build up my portfolio!  I am loving it!  The only thing, I really don't have all the things that I could really use to make it a successful business... that takes a whole lotta cash that I don't have (remember, no job :P).  Living in Wisconsin, winter time makes my photo shoots limited to indoors... not my favorite for photography.  My ideal image is to be outdoors with nature. Letting the client be NATURAL.  I have faith that I will get there, and thank you God, Spring is coming!
I really have put a lot of faith out there that God will guide me, and He has done wonders in my life.  Things have been so different than what I am used to... but better in many ways.  For one, had I been working full time still, I would have never had the opportunity to be a part of my daughters 4K Valentines Day Party today.  I wouldnt be the one potty training my 2 year old (which isn't going too great, but at least I am the one teaching him!).  I wouldn't have the patience to help my 11 year old with homework.  I wouldn't have been able to capture so many moments on camera for those  who I have photographed... memories that will last a lifetime for them.  I am raising my kids, not a daycare!  I can teach them the things that are important, teach them about God's love for us all.  That is something that was not ever taught at daycare... besides in my class :) 
There are so many things that I have to work on in myself, (remembering to remember!)  I have a lot more faith in myself than I ever did.  God answered my prayer. 
Thanks for reading, and may God put blessings into your life!

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  1. I am so glad you started your photography buisness!! Your work is beautiful and photos are truely a keepsake that i personally treasure, and know the importance of. Remember to keep studying and learing as you go, there are so many great sites for learing more and more ways to shoot. check out the shutterbug site, they have so much to offer there and are more than willing to teach people!!! I love you sis! Keep up the great work! ( and thank you so much for always commenting on my blog, you seem to be the only one who does these days)