Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow... I have had some deep thinking time the past few days!  Between my kids and myself being sick (so I have not been working as often... a lot of free time!), visits to Urgent Care (eeewwww), school and trying to enjoy winter in good ole Wisconsin, I have had a lot to ponder, pray about and praise! 
Just this past week, my sisters and I have come up with a wonderful nonprofit organization called Enraptured Embrace.  We will be making quilts out of clothing and treasured items of a loved one lost, for those who remain here on Earth.  These quilts' purpose is to comfort them, fill them with love and hope after the loss of a loved one.  Please take a moment to check us out on Facebook , and if you or someone that you know would be interested in such a service, please email us at
We  are all very excited to begin this journey, and know that God has put it in our hearts to serve others who are hurting like we are over losses so great.  God Bless you, and as always, THANKS FOR READING!

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